Cruise Services

Silver Spear Security is the premier open water security firm in the industry. Comprised of retired and decorated military personnel, ex Secret Service, and career event security professionals, Silver Spear Security is your first and last call you will need to make. Some of our clients include the biggest cruise brands in the business, such as Rock Legend's Cruise, Motörhead's Motörboat, Shiprocked, and Axes & Anchors cruise. Some of our other clients include those with private yachts, which we secure through international waters.

We hold our crew to higher standards, and we expect them to operate at a high level. The cruise security teams are always being brought in for new training, so that we are equipped to handle the changing cruise atmosphere, from fan interactions to new policies established in open waters. On open land we also train for certain scenarios, such as search & rescue, missing persons, active shooter, and an assortment of events that could occur when on a cruise ship or a port of call.

Silver Spear Maritime Security

Some of the duties we handle:

  • Artist liaisons for load-in & disembarkation
  • Secure stage, backstage, meet & greets, and dressing rooms
  • Establish working relationship with ship staff and security
  • Ability to adapt to changes (inclement weather, production issues, etc)
  • Artist Escorts throughout ship
  • Threat assessment
  • Daily end of day review
  • Medical situations (CPR, heatstroke, dehydration, etc)


Silver Spear Security is the only firm that will go above and beyond the call of duty. Our work in the industry will always speak for itself, however we will never settle. If you are never learning or adapting to the changing times then you will be left behind. Our goal will always be to make sure your cruise runs efficiently, and any issues that do come up, we will deal with accordingly.

We are a fully licensed and insured private security firm.

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