Estate Security

Our team of security professionals will work with any homeowner, business, or estate that is in need of proper risk analysis. We can utilize both cost effective and high end safety and security measures, depending on the needs of the client. Once we are on site, our team will run a comprehensive security assessment of your estate and to see what can be down to solidify a higher rate of security prevention.

A Safe Estate - Guarded by Silverspear

Some of these features would include:

  • Static posts with unarmed / armed agents
  • Perimeter Sweeps
  • Establishment of safety protocols
  • Site penetration drills
  • Running family / estate personnel through drills & scenarios
  • Video camera & fencing installation
  • Panic Rooms
  • Access control (Personnel and vehicular)


Silver Spear Security is the only firm that will go above and beyond the call of duty. Our work in the industry will always speak for itself, however we will never settle. If you are never learning or adapting to the changing times then you will be left behind. Our goal will always be to make sure your cruise runs efficiently, and any issues that do come up, we will deal with accordingly.

We are a fully licensed and insured private security firm.

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