Silver Spear Security is a premier private security firm that was founded by a retired and decorated veteran. With field offices in Orlando, FL and Los Angeles, CA, Silver Spear Security is capable of deploying at a global level. We are comprised of former Secret Service, decorated military personnel, and career security and protection experts.

"First ones in, last ones out"


What is for?What is for?

Our extensive and extremely well trained personnel can offer a broad range of services, from court escorting to event security. Visit our services information page to get a better idea of how Silver Spear Security can benefit you.

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Why use it?Why use it?

We have two locations: Sherman Oaks, California Orlando, Florida

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Founded in early 2015, by CEO, Chris Louden, Silver Spear Security arose from the ashes of Mr. Louden's previous company, The Westpac Group. The ideas, morals, and concepts stayed the same, however it was time for a re-brand. The shield in our logo represents our promise to keep you secure and the spear represents our willingness to protect our clients through any means necessary.

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